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Fairy Tale Eggplant

Fairy Tale Eggplant

Growing Fairy Tale Eggplants Hydroponically and in Soil:

A Fairy Tale Eggplant is a miniature Eggplant. The fruit  is purple and white striped. On the surface it’s a tough skin then on the inside it has a couple little seeds.The fruit has a non bitter and sweet taste.

The fruit will grow into a small long oval shape. The size weight it will grow is about 1 – 2 Ounces. They will grow about 2 ½ feet tall. The Harvesting period can take about 49-51 days. These plants are perfect for when you want to put your plants in pots.

How to Grow your Plant in Soil:

Tip: Don’t Plant your Fairy Tale Eggplant where you grew Tomatoes, peppers, or potatoes the year before.

What you will Need:


  • Soil kept Moist
  • Pot with Holes in the Bottom (2 ft Wide and Deep)
  • Potting Mixture
  • Filtered Water

You’ll want to keep the soil moist. By checking it each morning. You’ll want to pick a time to water it either in the Morning or at Night. To keep the plant on a schedule.

Step Zero: Making sure you have the correct size potting plant!


 It will need to be 2 feet Wide then 2 feet feet.  Having this size will give your plant enough room to grow to the proper size. A clay pot is recommended more for structure reasons. 


You’ll want holes in the bottom for more air flow and easier water drainage.

Step One: Getting your Soil Together! 


First You’ll want to use a potting mix. Don’t use random soil for your home or backyard. You will need a light and loose soil. Make sure your mix has organic matter. 

Now that you have your soil and Pot pick out it’s time to fill it up. Fill your pot with the soil till you have about two inches left in the pot. 

Step Two : Placing your Plant! 


Now it’s time to and the seeds. Dig little holes with your hands. Then place the seed into the pockets you created. Now spread the seeds out about 3 inches away from each other. This will give them room to grow in the pot.

Step Four: Harvest Time!


Once Your Fairy tale eggplants are Purple And White it’s ready to harvest. This plant will taste the best at the size of 3-4 Inches. 

If you allow too much growth they’ll get dull and lose their shine.

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