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Green Beans

Green Beans

How to Grow and Harvest Green Bean:

Four Step System on Growing Green Beans Hydroponically:

Hydroponics growing is a very simple process. It’s great for all year around growing indoor and outdoor. Each Green bean will have a steady growth provided they get the right amount of nutrients and sunlight. It’s perfect for apartment living or if you don’t have a lot of extra space. Make sure you are added nutrients every two weeks!

What you will need; 

Step Zero:

Pick out your system method! Picking a system to fit your needs is fairly simple.The simple way is using the kratky method of using a mason jar painted black. You’ll want to paint the mason jar black to help stop algae build up. Once you pick your system you can move on to the first steps.

Step One:

Adding you growing medium.  (Examples: Clay Pellets, gravel, sand and Coconut fiber) This all depends on your plant. For the green bean we suggest using the Clay pellets. But if any of the growing  mediums get soggy it can drown and kill your plant. 

Step Two:

Picking your seeds! (Green Beans!) Now you can either get a package of green beans and follow the instructions. There’s also the seed starter kits and the seed mats (Use the tray kit if you want to use a seed mat.) All of these are great options for starting your hydroponic journey.

Step Three:

Adding in Light! What you will need to help your plants grow big and strong is a LED light. (With a timer if you’d like). These LEDs will be energy saving light. 

Step Four:

Now it’s time to pick your fresh Greens Beans and Enjoy! Your green beans will be ready to harvest in about 60- 90 days. You will know they are ready to harvest if they are easily picked off.

You will be watering the garden daily. Once in the morning. Also skip watering your plants on cloudy or rainy days. Little tips with green beans water the green beans on sunny days so that the moisture does not soak the foliage. You should be giving your plant 1-1.5inch of water weekly. ( Don’t water your plants in the middle of the day since expiration happens more at that time) If you have your plant in container water once a day preferable in the morning. The harvesting strategies should happen in about 50 -60 day. Each pod should be firm and snap off the stem easily. 

Things to watch out for: 

  • If there’s weeds pull them right away.
  • Look for bugs and pest
  • Mold ( Not common but does happen)

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