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Growing strawberries in hydroponic or aeroponic systems is totally fine and is a great use of your pod space. It is super easy to get started and I will walk you through every step to get your plant growing.

Let’s get started!

Strawberry Facts

  • Optimal PH: 5.5 to 6.5
  • 1260-1540PPM
  • Temp: 65-80 degrees
  • Enjoys: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus

Grows Well With

  • Bananas
  • Melon
  • Passionfruit
  • Pineapple
  • Rhubarb
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry Tomato

Indoor Strawberries Need to be Pollinated Manually

Right out of the gate, I recommend getting starter plants instead of growing from seeds because it can take a REALLY long time to get fruit from a seed.

Like… 2 years longer.

Do yourself a favor and get one that has flowers on it already.

YES, it is OK.

Just be sure to pick a growing medium like clay pebbles so you can rinse the soil off and stick it in the system.

Hydroponic Strawberries

Strawberries do great in hydroponic systems! The main thing to keep in mind are the two nutrient requirements. If you are planning to put the strawberries in a system with 20-90 plants, you want them to have similar requirements to yield the best result.

This is important for getting your strawberries to flower and produce fruit. If you stick them in the same system as lettuce, the lettuce may become bitter.

Aeroponic Strawberries

The same rules apply to aeroponic systems. If you have growing towers, the strawberries will do fine but be sure to get plants that like the same nutrients.

Indoor Strawberries

Indoor strawberries are so much fun! You can grow them inside with all three methods- hydroponic, aeroponic or soil. With soil just don’t forget to water AND use a grow light or south facing window to give it tons of sun.


Be sure to prune the runners from the plant. This is the strawberry plant’s way of creating more strawberries but if the runner doesn’t go into the system you have… they will die and will take life from the other areas of the plant that produce fruit.

Pest Control

The great thing about growing inside is that you have to worry way less about pests getting into your strawberry plants. Keep an eye out for house gnats though. Neem oil is a great way to keep the strawberries healthy and pest free should there be a problem.


Most diseases come from root rot which is not a problem with aeroponic and hydroponic systems.

However, there are two forms of fruit rot Rhizopus rot and Mucor fruit rot which come from ripe or overripe strawberries in warm climates. To avoid, pick the fruit as soon as it is ripe!

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