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Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies


  • Makes 12 Cookies
  • Prep Time: 1 Hour and 20 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 11 Minutes
  • Total Time: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


  • ½ Cup/1 Stick Unsalted Butter
  • ½ Cup Fresh Mint (Packed and Roughly Chopped)
  • ½ Cup Dark brown sugar (Firmly Packed)
  • ½ Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Egg (Room Temperature)
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1 ½ Cup All Purpose Flour
  • 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda
  • ½ Teaspoon Fine Sea Salt
  • ½ Cup SemiSweet Chocolate Chip 
  • Green Food Colored (Green Cookies)


  1. Place the butter and the mint into a small saucepan on the stove at medium-heat. Melt the butter and mix slowly occasionally. (2-3 Minutes) Once you can smell the mint turn of the heat and let the butter steep (30 Minutes)
  2. Strain the butter. Pressing the leaves to get the extract out of all the butter from the mixture.
  3. On a  two baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside
  4. In a bowl mix the butter and sugar. Beat until light and creamy (3-5 Minutes with mixer)
  5. Next, Add the room temperature egg and Vanilla and beat for an additional couple minutes
  6. In a separate bowl, Whisk together the flour, salt and baking soda.
  7. Slowly add the dry ingredients to the mixer while running. (Scrape down the sides of the bowl when necessary) 
  8. Finally, Add your Chocolate Chips and mix until fully combined. (Add Food Coloring)
  9. Remove the cookie dough from your large bowl. The wrap in plastic wrap and press flat into a disk. Chill for an Hour
  10. Preheat the oven 350 degrees.
  11. Divide up your cookie dough into 12 equal portions, Rolling each one into 12 balls.
  12. Bake 11-12 Minutes, About halfway through baking rotate the pans around. 
  13. Let Cool on the baking sheet for 2 Minutes. Then move to a cool rack.
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