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Growing Radishes

How to Grow Radishes Hydroponically and in Soil:

Radishes are a very delicious Vegetables.

The type of Soil you’ll need is Sandy/ Loamy.

The pH level of soil will be Neutral.

The Level of Sun the Radish will need is Full sun.

It takes about 3 Weeks till harvest.

How to Plant Radishes in Soil:

What you will Need a very sunny location. That doesn’t get blocked by trees or shrubs.

The roots will need a rich organic matter soil. It will need to be a very loose mixture like sand. 

What you will Need


  • Filter Water
  • Outdoor garden
  • Radish Seeds
  • Looses Sand Like Soil
  • Garden shovel
  • Gardening Gloves

Tip: Make sure to filter your water for better growth. I tried regular tap water but my plants didn’t grow as well.

Step One: Getting Your Garden Together!

First Start off by getting your soil together. Making sure it’s a light sand like mixture. Going through making sure there’s no wood chips or stick that can get in the way of root growth. 

Step Two: Planting the seeds!

The seeds will need to be planted at least 12 inches apart. This will give the roots room to grow. Then you want to plant your seeds at least ½ to 1 inch deep into the soil.

Step Three : Keeping the water and weed free!

Making sure your radishes stay in the sun with enough moisture is key. You’ll want to keep them at least damp during hotter days. Then you’ll also need to watch out for weed sprouting. The weeds can over crowd the radishes and stun their growth. Keep in mind to keep your garden weed free and watered properly,

Step Four: Time for Harvest!

Now once it’s been three weeks your Radishes should be ready for Harvest! You’ll want to move at least 1 inch of soil around the stem for an easy removing process. This will give enough room for the roots to come out nicely. Once you’ve harvested your crop take them inside and cut off the top stem, wash them off and dry. For better results store in a plastic container. ( Make sure to store them dry) These can be stored up to 3-4 Days.

How to Grow Hydroponically (Kratky System): 

Getting your Supplies Together:


  • Black Painted Mason Jar or Amber Jar
  • Regular 2.37” Wide Mouth Net Pod or 3” Net Pod
  • Growing Medium  (Clay Pellets)
  • Radish Seeds or Roots
  • Filtered Water
  • Plant Food Liquid
  • Plastic baggy or Plastic lid

Step Zero: Before starting make sure your mason jar is painted black. Or use an Amber Jar. Doing this will help prevent algae issues in the future.

Step One: Water! 


Now it’s time to add your water to about the rim line in your jar. Add two capfuls of LIquid Plant Food From Aerogarden. (Make sure to shake the plant food before using for better results)

Step Two: Net Pod!


Putting together everything in your Net Pod. First grab your growing medium and put a layer at the bottom of your net cup. But if you’re starting from seed use a Rapid Rooter to hold your seed in place. Once your rapid Rooter or Roots are in place continue filling your Net Pod With your Growing medium. (ex: Clay Pellets)

Step Three: Putting together your system!


Now that you have a completed net pod. Place it into your Mason jar. Then place a plastic baggy over top of your system. This will help with the germination period. Giving your plant time to grow and dig into the water.

Step Four: Lighting! 


After 3-4 Days of Germination your plant is ready to move into the light. Remove the plastic bag and place underneath and Led Light or Gro Light.

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