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Cherry Tomatoes

Growing cherry tomatoes in hydroponic or aeroponic systems is totally fine and is a great use of your pod space. It is super easy to get started and I will walk you through every step to get your plant growing.

Let’s get started!

Cherry Tomato Facts

  • Optimal PH: 5.5 to 6.5
  • 1400-3500 PPM

Grows Well With Aeroponically

  • Pepino
  • Peppers
  • Bell peppers
  • Hot peppers
  • Spinach

Grows Well With Hydroponically

  • Eggplant
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber

Grows Well With in Soil

  • Brussell Sprout
  • Bean
  • Beetroot
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Endive
  • Okra

Indoor Cherry Tomatoes Need to be Pollinated Manually

Right out of the gate if this is your first plant, you may want to get a starter plant instead of growing from a seed. This will shave off substantial time to get your first tomato.

Just remember to get a growing medium and wash the soil away before placing it in your system.

Growing Cherry Tomatoes using the Hydroponic system:

Hydroponic Cherry Tomatoes are great for any system. If growing vertically, put the tomato plant near the top to ensure they never get overcrowded and lose their water supply.

First you will need to know the basics of Hydroponics. Hydroponic gardening means growing plants using mineral solutions and without soil. Having no soil in the system means no big messes in the long run. Using the hydroponic system can help the plants grow faster, saves water, saves space, and uses less waste. This project helps in the long run on time management. 

Growing Cherry Tomatoes hydroponically . You will start by buying a system machine. We have gotten great results from the website AeroGarden.It’s a small system with the ability to grow 6 plants at once. (There’s system size up to 12, but since this is a beginners guide you’ll want to start off easy). The plants can grow to 12’’ inside the system. It also tells you when the plant needs water, nutrients, and light. It comes with an overhead light connected to the system. With that said after a fair amount of growth Cherry Tomatoes can be removed and placed into a pot with a cage if needed but not necessary.

Hydroponics helps speed up the natural growth rate in plants. Meaning it feeds the plant a certain amount of nutrition at once. Plus the roots will be sitting in correctly balanced pH levels water and high nutrients in the water. Each plant will get a constant flow of water to the stem. 

Growing cherry tomatoes hydroponically can greatly increase the speed of production, since you can use a smaller growing medium than traditional farming and fertilization is not necessary. The growing medium may include Rockwool, a porous material that can help support the tomato plant and allow for better water retention for the young roots which are still establishing themselves. Hydroponic systems also have various other benefits such as increased access to nutrients due to the optimized environment, lower pest pressure and no need for tillage. Additionally, these systems use much less water than traditional soil farming which can be beneficial in dry climates.

Here’s what you’ll need with this system: (The System should come with these items)

  • The AeroGarden 6 Pod System (Amazon) 
  • Six Herbs/ Veggies/ Flowers Pre-seeded pods (Amazon)
  • (Pre-Seeded plants are little baskets filled with a sponge.)
  • Water (Filtered)
  • AeroGarden Plant Food (Amazon)
  • Clear cover domes for the top of your Pre-seeded plants

Six Step System on Growing Cherry Tomatoes:

For an easier setup, raise the light to maximum height.Then connect the light to the other adapter. You should have your light on at this point. Also at this time make sure your growing bowl is secure on your system. Also a nice thing about this system is it has low water reminder. It’s other key features are telling you if the nutrition is low as well.

Step One:

Adding the water to the provided fill line in the system that says “fill to here”. The fill line is provided right in the opening of the lid for easy access.  In the machine if you fill with the lid off. You will notice a fountain action happening.Then once you put the lid back on each pod will automatically get their own fountain in the pods.

(For better results use filter water to get rid of the Chlorine in the water).

Step Two:

Gently place them in your system according to your guide. Make sure each pod lays flat in the system. Put the Cherry Tomatoes Pre-seeded Pods Towards the front to give them more room to grow out.

To give your Cherry Tomatoes more room, plant only two in the system. Use the other 4 holes for herbs. Doing this will give your plant more room to grow big and strong. Not having to push other plants out of the way.

Step Three:

 Once all 6 pods are in your system snap on the clear domes provided in your kit. This is going to help with the germination process of your plants. This cap will naturally fall off from the growth of the plants.

Step Four:

Adding the correct amount of AeroGarden Liquid Food. Adding this will give your system the correct amount of nutrition needed to survive. Shake before adding the plant food into your system.

With the 6 Pod systems it will require 2 Capfuls of the plant food to start off with. 

You will be adding more TWO Capfuls every TWO WEEKS.

Step Five:


 Continuing on, now you can move your light down and closer to your plant for the best results. The plants are going to grow and want to reach up for the light. Having the light closer increases the Cherry Tomatoes light intake which is very important for the life cycle of your plant in the system.

Step Six:

Working the Buttons! To start your new garden hold your finger over the plant button for about 5 seconds. The plant button will begin to flash three times. When it flashes that means the system is confirming the reset. All the past reminders are reset and you’re ready to start.

Same information from hydroponic applies here for aeroponic growing.

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