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Today I am going to share with you the daily and weekly growth of a Harvest Slim model with 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 genovese basil, 1 thai basil plant.

I’m going to outline what I do each week, how I prune, when to remove extra plants, how to save the extra plants that sprouted, and just a general journey with this unit!

Aerogarden Harvest Slim

The Harvest Slim model has 6 pods and can get up to 12″ of grow space. Typically lettuces and herbs are planted in this but I am excited to try something new! I want my own caprese bar. I planted the two basils on the left and right most pods and put the 4 tomatoes in the middle.


2 Weeks In

I just topped off the water and added 2 more cupfuls of nutrients. For this grow I am not getting complicated with testing the pH and PPM. Instead I am doing exactly what Aerogarden recommends on their nutrients bottle.

So far the tomatoes and basil are all relatively the same size. Up to this point no pruning is needed – just need to cut out the extra plants and make new homes for them. Since we are in an office setting we don’t have an outside garden so I put together a Kratky Mason Jar setup for them. Here is my complete list of supplies:

  • Regular Mouth Mason Jar
  • Black Chalkboard Spray Paint
  • 2.37″ Net Cups
  • Clay Pebbles

3 Weeks In

In week three there is not a ton to do! I removed the extra tomato plants and the two basil plants so I can focus on growing 2 Golden Cherry Tomato plants in the Harvest Slim.

I chose the 2 largest ones to keep in the unit and I put the others in jars like I did last week.

At this point they aren’t too close to the light so I haven’t done any pruning.

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