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Trying to test out your green thumb in the quickest way possible? Prepping for a garden party that’s less than a month away? Whatever your reasoning, don’t miss out on these tasty greens and veggies that you can grow in less than one month!



  • Microgreens are essentially just baby plants, or seedlings. These little guys are perfect for salads, adding an abundance of texture and flavor. They are typically ready for harvest about 2-3 weeks after being planted. When you see the first leaves start to form, this is a good sign that they are ready!


  • If you aren’t looking to have an edible pod, peas can be ready to eat in as quick as 3 weeks after being planted! To have an edible pod, a few more weeks of growth will soften the outer layer


  • While you could wait a few months for the sunflowers to fully grow and start producing seeds, waiting 2 weeks for sunflower sprouts sounds much better. When the shoot has 2 leaves on it, that’s a good indicator that they’re ready to be picked.

Baby Lettuce

  • Baby lettuce is salad ready once the plant reaches about 4 inch in height. When harvesting, it’s important to cut the leaves off 1inch above the base of the plant to allow for new growth.

Root Crop Greens

  • Root crops like radishes, carrots, beets, etc., will often show a little above the soil when they’re ready. The leafy greens from the top are ready to eat basically as soon as they start to grow! Though waiting a little longer for the root veggies themselves would definitely be worth it.

Baby Kale

  • Much like the baby cabbage, baby kale should be about 4 inches tall before it’s ready for harvest. Leave the roots in the soil to produce even more kale after you finish up your first batch!

Bok Choy/Pak Choi

  • Bok choy or pak choi can be harvested as a whole or for its individual leaves; even the bulb is edible! No bad parts to this delicious leafy green. You’ll know it’s ready for harvest when it reaches between 12 and 18 inches tall.


  • No need for patience with this quick growing green, it’ll be ready to harvest in just 20 days. Arugula is loved for its peppery taste, adding a pop of flavor to any dish.


  • This tasty mustard green will be ready when its leaves are 4 inches or larger, much like some of the previous veggies mentioned! It tastes just as good raw as it does cooked, and can be a substitute for spinach.

Green Onions

  • Also known as scallions, green onions are ready when the green sprout has reached 6 inches or taller. Leave the white bulb planted in the ground for more green onions, or pull the whole veggie to enjoy a little extra zing!

Chinese Cabbage

  • Chinese cabbage is cutting it close, being ready to harvest right at the 30 day mark. This veggie doesn’t like areas with high heat, so make sure its planted in a shady area for optimal growth.
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